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The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC)  provides talent management programs and services to the aviation industry. Founded in 2016, TSC maintains a national talent supply chain comprised of organizations offering premier aviation education, training and certification programs.

A non-profit professional services provider, TSC engages directly with employers and associations to meet talent acquisition goals and helps to establish in-house talent management capabilities.

TSC selects the optimal resources from its network of talent suppliers to provide job-ready talent to employers. To help our employer clients and educational supply chain member institutions build or expand corporate talent management capabilities, TSC offers annual forums to allow sharing of best practices in talent management. TSC’s administrative offices are located at the National Center for Aviation Training.

As of March 2017, TSC’s  talent supply chain of members and sponsors spans eight states.


The Talent Solutions Coalition at the National Center for Aviation Training (TTI at NCAT) provides talent management programs and services to the aviation industry.

Opened in 2010, the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) has industry recognized capabilities in aviation research and training. NCAT is home to the Talent Solutions Coalition, Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) and Wichita Area Technical College.  Adjacent to Colonel James Jabara Airport, the NCAT complex covers approximately 200,000 square feet  and includes three separate buildings: the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, Aviation Service Center and Administration Center. Each houses technologically advanced equipment, software, fully functioning aircraft and expansive meeting space.




TSC Viewpoints and Testimonials

An Industry Need: Talent Supply Chains

Summary Report

As the industry grows in coming decades, one of the greatest challenges will be finding enough qualified workers. ...The industry needs to do a better job finding, developing, and then engaging and retaining talent. Corporate leaders in particular must be more deeply involved in the process. ...The industry should work with educators and students to create a sense of excitement around the industry, explain the kinds of skills needed and develop appropriate courses jointly. ...The industry should also make more use of social media to reach potential candidates.

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Jason Tysko, Executive Director - Center for Education and Workforce

Across the country employers are looking to organize real talent supply chain solutions to secure the workforce they need to be competitive. NCAT is a great example of how colleges and workforce partners rise to the occasions when employers lead. By working with employers as a talent suppliers, educational institutions in NCAT's talent supply chain will deliver better, faster outcomes for their students.

ExpressJet Airlines

Michael E. McDaniel, General Manager Aircraft Maintenance Training

Our industry requires skilled, highly motivated employees that understand the technical and social aspects of airline employment. NCAT’s Talent Solutions Coalition is the natural platform that manufactures, employers and learning institutions can utilize to enhance the skill set of the aviation workforce. The Coalition offers the ability for airlines like ours to hire a more technologically adapt, safer, and efficient employee. Employees that will provide a competitive advantage today and the leaders we will need in the future.

SpaceTEC Partners, Inc.

Steve Kane, Managing Director - SpaceTEC National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education

Throughout my lifetime, America has been the world leader in aviation manufacturing, operations and the development of aviation related technology. With the nation's aviation manufacturing industry now facing shortfalls of skilled workers due to retirements and the reality that increasingly fewer millennials are choosing aviation careers, fresh ideas to attract new talent are vital. With its supply chain approach to talent management, the Talent Solutions Coalition is one such effort vital for ensuring that America continues its leadership in aviation.

Aviation Technician Education Council

Crystal Maguire, Executive Director

The Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC) is pleased to support a program that helps aviation employers meet talent acquisition needs while engendering innovative curriculum at technical education institutions. NCAT’s talent supply chain initiative is good for employers, educators and, perhaps most importantly, America’s aviation workforce.

Vincennes University

Dr. Charles "Chuck" Johnson, President

Being a part of the NCAT Talent Supply Chain is a natural extension of Vincennes University’s long history of developing talent for the aviation industry. We are excited to be part of a network of leading education institutions working collectively to address critical skills gaps for an industry essential to our country’s economic success.

Tulsa Community College

Dr. Leigh Goodson, President and CEO

Joining the NCAT Talent Solutions Coalition has helped Tulsa Community College expand our aviation programs and drive professional development opportunities for our faculty. Being part of TSC , with its national approach will broaden Tulsa Community College’s reach to serve aviation employers and graduates.
Pima Community College

Pima Community College

Ian Roark, Ed.D., Vice President, Workforce Development

We’re fully on board with the national talent sourcing model NCAT is developing. While most of our students are employed locally or regionally upon program completion, we’ll always have a percentage of our student body interested in pursuing careers outside our immediate community. Participating in the NCAT talent supply chain helps us offer these opportunities as well as expand the talent pool for our own employment base.

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