Aviation Employer

The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) was created in response to calls from industry leaders to help improve the efficiency and lower the cost of acquiring reliable talent. Our services are well-suited for employers aspiring to meet talent acquisition business goals through a single-source solution provider. We are employer-driven. We begin by understanding the specific talent fulfillment objectives of our clients. We then select the institutions from our national talent supply chain that are best able to teach and train the specific skills our clients need.

We continually seek benefits for our clients ranging from ways to shorten the time from an employee’s hire date to full productivity, to improving existing employee development programs. TSC manages the entire process, freeing employers to focus on core business objectives. We are available to serve employers and employer groups of all sizes.

Sponsorship Benefits for Aviation Employers

  • Reduce talent acquisition costs by sourcing talent through a single entity
  • Shorten the time needed for in-house job training
  • Promote national career opportunities
  • Improve in-house talent management teams through exposure to new best practices

For more information on how the Talent Solutions Coalition can help you meet your talent management goals, please contact TSC’s headquarters offices at the National Center for Aviation Training at 316.677.1706.