TSC Members and Sponsors


Educational Institutions

Membership with the Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) opens avenues for educational institutions to expand professional development, curriculum innovation, program growth, and national name recognition through our talent supply chain. Membership includes institutions notable for the excellence of their programs in aviation manufacturing and maintenance, and for their enthusiasm to develop innovative education and training programs for employers. With guidance from TSC, participating members collaborate with teams of institutions working for individual employer clients. Accessing new sources of employer-demand for their programs allows our educational members the ability to underwrite new programs and expand their corporate services.

Membership Benefits for Educational Institutions

  • Diversify revenue and enrollment sources with access to new employer markets
  • Expand or create new programs in aviation manufacturing and maintenance for all job levels
  • Create new sources of professional development for faculty
  • Leverage emerging best practices to spur curriculum innovation

Please contact us for more information on how the Talent Solutions Coalition can enhance your institution.