TSC Members and Sponsors


Industry Associations

The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) is ideally suited as a trusted partner in talent management for industry associations and other employer groups. Increasingly, national industry associations are being asked by their members for help in acquiring, developing, and retaining talent. Concerned by shortages in talent and prohibitive costs of replacing talent faced by their members, associations want to respond with both new sources of qualified talent and tools for creating lasting talent management strategies and programs. TSC sponsorship can help expand the value of your association to existing and prospective members. We can also advise association leadership teams who are interested in developing workforce service capability of their own. Small and medium-sized employer groups with limited resources will find TSC especially useful in supporting the needs of their members.

Sponsorship Benefits for Industry Associations

  • Grow membership by offering new talent management support services
  • Adapt industry best practices to support new or expanded in-house workforce capabilities
  • Create or expand certification program portfolios
  • Strengthen brand recognition.

Please contact us for more information on how the Talent Solutions Coalition can help your employer group meet its talent objectives.