Pima Community College

4905 East Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85709
United States

Phone Number: (520) 206-7134

Pima Community College (PCC) is a two-year college serving the greater Tucson metropolitan area at six locations throughout Pima County. Founded in 1966, Pima’s credit courses award certificates and associate’s degrees in a variety of fields.

PCC also provides workforce development, career training programs, continuing education, and adult education.

In 2014-15, Pima’s annual enrollment was 47,588 students, and the college awarded 3,365 Associate Degrees and 2,626 certificates.

Pima’s Aviation Technology Center trains and certifies airframe and powerplant mechanics, avionics specialists, and structural repair technicians. The Aviation Technology Center features a 32,000 square foot hangar with three laboratories and five classrooms situated on 6.6 acres; and is home to 10 aircraft including three transport category aircraft.

Fulfilling the needs of both the local and national aviation industry is of primary concern for PCC, and for this reason we continually seek out new partnerships and are committed to cultivating and growing our existing relationships.

Our “traditional” for-credit Associate of Applied Science and Certificate programs target adults in all demographics with varying technical expertise; no previous experience is required as we help the student develop the skills required to be successful in the aviation industry.

Additionally, our programs help vector young, aspiring aviation professionals during their junior and senior years of high school with the assistance of Pima County’s Joint Technical Education District (JTED) program. Students enrolled in this program earn dual credit while completing the general knowledge requirements outlined in 14 CFR Part 147. Our for-credit programs are as follows:

Associate of Applied Science – Aviation Technology (3 Separate Concentrations Available)

  • Airframe and Powerplant (88-90 Credit Hours)
  • Avionics Technician (60-62 Credit Hours)
  • Aviation Technology Structural Repair (55-57 Credit Hours)

Certificate of Direct Employment

  • Advanced Aviation Certificates
    • General Mechanics (33 Credit Hours)
    • Airframe Mechanics (34 Credit Hours)
    • Powerplant Mechanics (33 Credit Hours)
    • Aviation Structural Repair (34 Credit Hours)
  • Avionics Technician Certificate (54 Credit Hours)

Current non-credit offerings include a 14 CFR Part 65 mechanics certification program geared toward our local military community and under-employed aviation professionals.

This program is designed to increase the employment opportunities and earning potential of experienced aviation mechanics that are lacking the appropriate FAA endorsements to match their skill set.

PCC also offers the certifications listed below in an effort to increase the marketability of our graduates. With the exception of the NC3 certifications, these can be earned in conjunction with a student’s regular course of study.

  • FAA Mechanics Certificate
    • Airframe and/or Powerplant
    • Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET)
    • Dependent Navigation Systems (DNS)
    • Radio Communication Systems (RCS)
  • NC3 (integration with A&P course curriculum pending)
    • Torque
    • Meter