Vincennes University

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United States

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Vincennes University was founded in 1801 and is a State funded university offering Bachelors and Associate degrees as well as technical certificates. Our aviation programs were opened in 1964. In 1993 our aviation programs moved to the Indianapolis International Airport to better serve our aviation industry partners. The Aviation Technology Center is a 90,000 square foot facility with two hangars, 11 aircraft (including a Boeing 737), 12 laboratories, flight simulation lab, and 18 classrooms. In addition, we operate a fleet of 11 trainer aircraft for the flight program. Currently we serve approximately 150 aviation maintenance students and 60 flight students. We are proud of our numerous industry partners including AAR corp., Republic, Trans State Airlines, Eagle Creek Aviation, and Textron. Vincennes University has been the primary provider of new aviation maintenance talent in Indianapolis for several years.


Technical Programs

Vincennes University offers accredited aviation maintenance programs all geared towards earning an airframe and or powerplant certificate. VU also offers an accredited flight program geared towards earning a commercial pilot certification.

In addition to our traditional college program we offer dual credit aviation maintenance and flight courses for high school students. Students in this program can earn up to 20 college credits while still in high school.

The following aviation programs are offered by VU:

Airframe and Powerplant Associate Degree 88 credit hours

Airframe Associate Degree 60 credit hours

Airframe Certificate of Graduation 44 credit hours

Powerplant Associate Degree 66 credit hours

Powerplant Certificate of Graduation 32 credit hours

Aviation Flight Technology  Associate Degree 60 credit hours


2 plus 2 Program with Purdue University

Vincennes University and Purdue University have partnered to create a 2 plus 2 program for students in aviation maintenance and flight. Students can earn an A.S. degree in aviation maintenance or flight and transfer to Purdue right here at the Aviation Technology Center to complete a B.S. degree.


Relevant Certifications and Credentials

Vincennes University offers Federal Aviation Administration certifications to students enrolled in the above programs. Upon completion of the required courses, students are tested to confirm readiness for the certification process.

FAA certifications



Airframe and Powerplant

Private Pilot

Instrument rating

Multi engine rating

Commercial Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor rating

Certified Instrument Instructor rating

Multi engine Instructor rating