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The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) offers tailored membership and sponsorship opportunities to companies, industry associations, and education providers. If you are not sure which option is best suited for your company, read a brief synopsis of each category below.


Educational institutions and certification providers. Annual membership investment levels are offered to educational institutions and certification providers which make up TSC’s national talent supply chain. These memberships offer a variety of benefits including increased name recognition, professional development courses, and exclusive insight into employer-demand skills and certification needs. For details on the investment levels, please contact TSC.


Aviation companies, workforce development organizations, and industry associations. Annual marketing sponsorship investment options are offered to employers, associations and workforce development organizations. These sponsosrhips provide an array of benefits including the opportunity to help sponsors promote and share their capabilities. Some sponsors also elect to retain TSC to deliver professional services engagements to help them achieve specific talent acquisition and development objectives. For information about marketing sponsorship investment options, please contact TSC.

Membership and Sponsor Benefits

Aviation Employers

The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) was created in response to calls from industry leaders to help improve the efficiency and lower the cost of acquiring reliable talent. Our services are well-suited for employers aspiring to meet talent acquisition business goals through a single-source solution provider. We are employer-driven. We begin by understanding the specific talent fulfillment objectives of our clients. We then select the institutions from our national talent supply chain that are best able to teach and train the specific skills our employer clients need. We continually seek benefits for our clients ranging from ways to shorten the time from an employee’s hire date to full productivity, to improving existing employee development programs. TSC manages the entire process, freeing employers to focus on core business objectives. We are available to serve employers and employer groups of all sizes.

Sponsorship Benefits for Aviation Employers

  • Reduce talent acquisition costs by sourcing talent through a single entity
  • Shorten the time needed for in-house job training
  • Promote national career opportunities
  • Improve in-house talent management teams through exposure to new best practices

Educational Institutions

Membership with the Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) opens avenues for educational institutions to expand professional development, curriculum innovation, program growth, and national name recognition through our talent supply chain. Membership includes institutions notable for the excellence of their programs in aviation manufacturing and maintenance, and for their enthusiasm to develop innovative education and training programs for employers. With guidance from TSC, participating members collaborate with teams of institutions working for individual employer clients. Accessing new sources of employer-demand for their programs allows our educational members the ability to underwrite new programs and expand their corporate services.

Membership Benefits for Educational Institutions

  • Diversify revenue and enrollment sources with access to new employer markets
  • Expand or create new programs in aviation manufacturing and maintenance for all job levels
  • Create new sources of professional development for faculty
  • Leverage emerging best practices to spur curriculum innovation

Industry Associations

The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) is ideally suited as a trusted partner in talent management for industry associations and other employer groups. Increasingly, national industry associations are being asked by their members for help in acquiring, developing, and retaining talent. Concerned by shortages in talent and prohibitive costs of replacing talent faced by their members, associations want to respond with both new sources of qualified talent and tools for creating lasting talent management strategies and programs. TSC sponsorship can help expand the value of your association to existing and prospective members. We can also advise association leadership teams who are interested in developing workforce service capability of their own. Small and medium-sized employer groups with limited resources will find TSC especially useful in supporting the needs of their members.

Sponsorship Benefits for Industry Associations

  • Grow membership by offering new talent management support services
  • Adapt industry best practices to support new or expanded in-house workforce capabilities
  • Create or expand certification program portfolios
  • Strengthen brand recognition.

Certification Providers

The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) helps sustain America’s aviation industry by managing and developing industry-recognized solutions that allow workers to attain specific skills and acquire industry-recognized certifications. Our talent supply chain includes supplier-membership options for certification providers interested in collaborating to create education and certification-based development pathways. The approach is equally well-suited for preparing incoming workers and developing incumbent talent for higher positions. By coordinating certification content with educational curriculum into a single integrated solution for employers, certification providers enjoy expanded access to demand from employers, brand-enhancement, and continuous innovations for their certification portfolios.

Membership Benefits for Certification Providers

  • Grow market share for existing and planned certifications
  • Diversify revenue and enrollment sources
  • Build brand recognition by serving employers and workers in multiple markets
  • Demonstrate new uses of certifications in pathway programs for new and incumbent workers