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TSC Marketing Sponsors

The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) at the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) offers marketing sponsorship opportunities for aviation industry employers, national industry and professional associations, and regional and community economic development organizations.

The goal of the TSC sponsorship program is twofold. The first is to promote sponsors’ capabilities and commitments to developing a sustainable pool of talent for the aviation industry. Sponsors are featured on TSC’s website and in national promotions of TSC in industry media channels.

The second is to use TSC’s supply chain to help sponsors support the talent acquisition needs of their members and constituents. TSC develops annual strategic plans with each sponsor. Central to each of these plans is an assessment of how TSC can support annual initiatives relating to industry talent and workforce development.

The objectives of these plans vary depending on the mission of each sponsor. TSC can assist industry associations by expanding their in-house capabilities to provide members with workforce development services. TSC’s national talent sourcing model can help economic development organizations drive regional growth. Sponsors interested in improving in-house talent demand planning, training employees in ‘soft skills,’ or other talent management functions are invited to participate in TSC’s annual forums on talent acquisition and development best practices.

Support for TSC sponsors is provided by TSC staff headquartered at the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) in Wichita, Kansas. Multiple sponsorship levels are offered. Please contact us for more information and a consultation about TSC sponsorship opportunities.