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How TSC Works with Aviation Industry Employers

NCAT’s Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) is employer-driven and operates on a professional services basis. The professional skills of staff from TSC staff and its supply chain member organizations form the basis of its offerings. TSC’s clients are individual employers and employer groups.

The TSC engagement process begins when an aviation industry employer contacts TSC for help with its talent acquisition needs. The aim is to create an integrated talent supply chain for the client, usually a blend of two- and four-year educational institutions and one or more providers of industry-recognized performance-based certifications. Four main steps are followed to develop a TSC talent solution.

  • First, the TSC proposal team invites its aviation clients – often the Talent Acquisition and Development Departments – to provide details of the company’s talent acquisition objectives and talent management metrics. Clients are asked to provide job descriptions, performance metrics, job sites, and details of any relevant relocation support programs. Client information is protected by non-disclosure.


  • Second, the client’s talent requirements are provided to TSC qualified supply chain members which then provide descriptions of how they can meet the client’s talent acquisition needs. These briefs usually include a description of specific programs, timetables showing when individuals would be ready for employment consideration and steps the institution takes to customize its programs to the client’s requirements.


  • Third, the TSC proposal team prepares and presents an integrated talent supply chain proposal. Clients are invited to work with the TSC team (and representatives from each of the supplying institutions) to finalize the proposal: it thus becomes the blueprint for the client’s talent solution. During this step clients are asked to provide TSC with collateral information describing relocation support, how the company works to retain and sustain the careers of its employees and interpretative information about the communities in which the company is hiring.


  • Fourth, each participating TSC supply chain member launches the solution by promoting it to students and faculty (and sometimes to community high schools). The promotion includes career and community information provided by the client and the relevant curricula. Clients are also asked to promote the talent solution via appropriate channels. As job-ready candidates become available for employment at specific times during the year they are referred to the client Talent Acquisition teams for consideration.


  • The structure of a TSC proposal typically begins with summary of the client’s objectives, turns to a summary of the capabilities and production capacity of the TSC talent supply chain, and lists any needed marketing requirements together with administrative details such as costs, start-dates and project management procedures. Clients are requested to assign an executive liaison to coordinate work-in-progress reviews with TSC during the engagement.

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